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Skincare as nature intended

Hearth and Homestead is a family-owned organic soap and ancestral skincare company. We craft our products by hand using clean, all-natural ingredients.

About Hearth and Homestead

Hearth and Homestead is a family-owned organic soap and ancestral skincare company. We craft our products by hand in Hurt, Virginia, using clean, all-natural ingredients. Our products are always free of toxins, fillers, artificial fragrances, GMOs, and other harmful substances — if it's not good enough for our family, it's not good enough for yours!

Our Story

Hi, I'm Lily Wilmoth. I started Hearth and Homestead in 2016 after the birth of my first child. Becoming a mother reshapes your priorities, and skincare was at the top of my list. 


Throughout my pregnancy, I had suffered from dry skin, rashes, and itching. This made me pay more attention to the ingredients in the skincare products I'd been buying from the store. I realized these body products were full of harmful toxins, chemicals, and preservatives. I knew I needed to find a natural skincare solution.


I started making my own soap with homegrown garden herbs and simple, all-natural ingredients, then started crafting tallow balm and other organic body products for my entire family. I made natural baby products for my children, as well as organic men's soap for my husband. I wanted to make sure that everything that went onto our family's skin was safe, nourishing, and free from harmful toxins.

Our Ingredients

We aren't shy about the fact that we're big proponents of regenerative agriculture, and nearly every product we make includes locally sourced tallow, lard, or raw goat milk that came straight from our farm.


Every other ingredient we use is either certified organic, ECOCERT, or sourced virgin/fresh from trustworthy suppliers. We love raw butters, cold pressed oils, and essential oils, as well as herbs, spices, and clays.


We never use soy, preservatives, emulsifiers, artificial fragrances, micas, or lab colors. If I wouldn't put it on my skin, I won't put it in any of my skincare products.

image of a cow and text that says "pastured beef tallow"
Raw goat milk illustration
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