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Nectar Retinol Serum is made to support healthy skin for every age and skin type. The animal-based oils in this blend are light and absorbable, as well as nutrient dense for your skin, whether oily and acne-prone, or dry or aging.


Fermented cod liver oil contains naturally occuring retinol, a powerful vitamin that works at the cellular level to nourish and restore, as well as omega fatty acids, minerals, and vitamin D.


 We have infused our organic jojoba oil with 5 nourishing herbs: yarrow, rose, chamomile, calendula, and ginger to add all of the rich goodness they provide. Find also local tallow and emu oil in our blend. It is finished off with organic essential oils that provide a lovely, light, floral aroma.


Other fabulous ingredients are grass fed tallow, emu oil, and organic olive oil.


Enjoy a fabulous, nourishing, restorative serum either day or night! Combine with our Chimney Sweep facial soap and Wild Bloom tallow face cream for extra benefits.


Net. 1 fl. oz.

Nectar Serum with Natural Retinol and Tallow

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  • Ingredients: jojoba oil* (infused with rose*, chamomile*, calendula*, ginger*, and yarrow*), fermented cod liver oil, olive oil*, emu oil, grass fed/finished Virginia tallow, essential oils of geranium*, chamomile*, and helichrysum*; rosemary extract. *certified organic

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