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Enjoy this newest addition to our tallow balm collection.


This iteration is made of course with our grass-fed tallow and calendula and rose infused organic olive oil, and finished with roasted coffee oil and vanilla extract. The sweet aroma will have you thinking of your favorite vanilla latte.


Our fluffy whipped tallow balms are your replacement for "plant-based" body butters and lotions. We appreciate that tallow balm is not only healthier for skin (more on that in a minute), but it is:


  • Faster to absorb
  • Lighter on the skin than plant oils
  • Non-comedogenic
  • A great barrier cream that still allows the skin to breathe
  • Skincare our ancestors relied on for thousands of years


And it is useful for all of your skin needs. Our tallow balms are made with local, grassfed Virginia tallow and whipped to a decadent, light texture that melts and absorbs quickly.


Why Tallow?

Tallow is ancestral skincare. Our ancestors viewed animal fats, especially tallow, as valuable to maintaing smooth and healthy skin.


Tallow is packed with:


  • True Vitamin A (retinol) that is readily available for skin cells to use
  • Vitamins D, E, K, and B1
  • CLA and amino acids

Infused Oil

To create the spreadable and silky texture, we utilize organic olive oil that is gently infused with whole, organic calendula and rose. Infusing oils with herbs is a time-tested and traditional process our ancestors used to create powerful healing and aromatic treatments.


Roasted Coffee Oil and Vanilla Oleoresin

Our coffee vanilla tallow balm contains high quality coffee oil and vanilla that creates a latte-esque aroma that lingers on the skin for just a few minutes. We love coffee for its stimulating properties. Coffee helps constrict and tighten, so this makes it a wonderful product for underye circles!


A Note on Heat Exposure
*Whipped tallow balms can change in texture if exposed to heat. Please be mindful of this when shipping in the summer or forgetting it in your hot car! The product will not "go bad" in the heat (tallow is a very stable fat), but since the whipping process adds air to the balm, melting will cause the product to flatten out and be a thicker texture. See our Store Policy page for info on fixing a flattened tallow balm.


Available in Net wt. 1.3 oz and 2.7 oz glass containers.

Coffee Vanilla Tallow Balm

  • Slow-rendered grass fed tallow, organic olive oil infused with organic calendula and organic rose, essential oils of coffee and vanilla.

  • We source our tallow from small farmers who practice regenerative agriculture. This means that they rotationally graze their cows all year long, never feeding anything other than grass. These healthy, happy cows create a beautiful, golden yellow fat that contains high levels of vitamins and minerals.

    Our top supplier is Polyface Farm, in Virginia, which stands at the forefront of the regenerative agriculture  movement.

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