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We guarantee you'll fall in love with this wildcrafted goat milk soap. Goats, Oats, 'n Honey features all-natural raw honey and oats to help soothe redness and inflammation, as well as our own raw goat milk, and slow-rendered Virginia tallow.


This soap is unscented, with just a hint of sweetness from the honey, making it a perfect choice for babies, children, and anyone with delicate or sensitive skin. Our kids say it smells like graham crackers!

Goats, Oats 'n Honey Tallow Soap

  • Ingredients: saponified organic extra virgin olive oil, Virginia tallow, coconut oil, raw cocoa butter, castor oil, and sweet almond oil, raw goat milk, raw honey, organic oats. No essential oils!

  • Since our products are all handmade, with special artisanal methods, expect every bar of soap to be unique! I try to include example photos of a couple different "versions," but expect slight variations in color, texture, and design.

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