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Perfume Story:

Nile Blooms pays tribute to Cleopatra, the legendary Egyptian queen who bewitched the hearts of kings and generals. This natural fragrance oil is our handcrafted reimagination of Cleopatra's signature perfume, which was said to be as spellbinding as her beauty. Nile Blooms is an invitation to wield such power, a scent that weaves a spell of enchantment with every note.


Aromatic Notes:

  • Top: The allure of Nile Blooms unfolds with the sweet, captivating essence of neroli, reminiscent of the orange blossoms that may have graced Cleopatra's lavish gardens. This opening note is intertwined with the sultry, intoxicating scent of ylang ylang flowers, which dances on the skin like a lover’s caress. 
  • Heart: Nile Blooms pulsates at its core with the entrancing scent of jasmine, laced with the spicy, enigmatic embrace of cardamom.
  • Base: This mesmerizing natural perfume oil blend rests on a base of rich, smokey myrrh and earthy clary sage, creating a deep and enduring aroma that's as timeless as Cleopatra herself.


Natural "Golden Healer" Gemstone Rollerball:

Each Nile Blooms rollerball is crowned with a clear-and-yellow swirled golden healer gemstone, a homage to the regal elegance of the Egyptian queen. This gemstone, evocative of the opulent treasures of Cleopatra’s court, adds a touch of royal splendor to the perfume.

Nile Blooms Natural Perfume Oil

  • Hearth and Homestead is committed to fully synthetic-free ingredients and complete ingredient list transparency.

    Every ingredient in our natural perfume oils is 100% authentic. We use only responsibly sourced ingredients with traceable origins, including our most rare essential oils: rose, jasmine, and sandalwood (most perfume companies rely on lab-made synthetics to mimic these beautiful fragrances).

    In a world where many "natural perfume" companies rely on lab-created substitutes, we take pride in sourcing only the most exquisite, rare essential oils.

    We know where every ingredient comes from, so we can guarantee you both authenticity and efficacy. Trust us to have your back and keep your family’s skin protected from toxic and man-made cheap alternatives.

  • Golden jojoba oil,  neroli essential oil, cardamom essential oil, jasmine absolute, mandarin essential oil, myrrh resinoid, ylang ylang essential oil, clary sage essential oil, sandalwood essential oil.

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