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Take a break from harsh skincare products that damage and irritate delicate skin. Calm Down is a 100% organic olive oil soap infused with organic lavender essential oil. It cleanses gently, making it perfect for babies, children, and anyone else with sensitive skin that needs all the moisture it can get.


Olive oil soap yields a low lather that feels more creamy than bubbly, and this is a sign of its lovely and gentle cleansing powers.


This is our favorite soap for people who have trouble finding soap for their skin!


Calm Down Olive Oil Soap

  • Ingredients: 100% organic olive oil, lavender buds, bentonite clay, organic lavender essential oil.

  • Since our products are all handmade, with special artisanal methods, expect every bar of soap to be unique! I try to include example photos of a couple different "versions," but expect slight variations in color, texture, and design.

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