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Perfume Story:

Embark on a sensory expedition with Silk Road Citrus, our all-natural perfume oil that captures the essence of the ancient Far East. This journey traces the paths of early perfumers who braved the fabled Silk Road, venturing far to uncover the world's most coveted spices and scents.


Aromatic Notes:

  • Top: Silk Road Citrus dazzles the senses by blending the sun-kissed zest of mandarin, tangerine, and grapefruit. This bright citrus medley is artfully balanced with subtle hints of lime and lemon, creating a fragrance that dances on the skin.
  • Heart/Base: At its heart lies a delicate bouquet of rose, jasmine, and the rare allure of blue tansy essential oils, culminating in what is undoubtedly our most enchanting fruity blend.


Natural "Green Jade" Gemstone Rollerball:

Housed in a sleek rollerball adorned with a striking green jade gemstone, Silk Road Citrus is as much a symbol of elegance as it is a sensory delight. This gemstone accentuates the perfume's connection to the rich heritage and mystique of the lands that inspired this scent.

Silk Road Citrus Natural Perfume Oil

  • Hearth and Homestead is committed to fully synthetic-free ingredients and complete ingredient list transparency.

    Every ingredient in our natural perfume oils is 100% authentic. We use only responsibly sourced ingredients with traceable origins, including our most rare essential oils: rose, jasmine, and sandalwood (most perfume companies rely on lab-made synthetics to mimic these beautiful fragrances).

    In a world where many "natural perfume" companies rely on lab-created substitutes, we take pride in sourcing only the most exquisite, rare essential oils.

    We know where every ingredient comes from, so we can guarantee you both authenticity and efficacy. Trust us to have your back and keep your family’s skin protected from toxic and man-made cheap alternatives.

  • Golden jojoba oil, sweet orange essential oil, grapefruit essential oil, ylang ylang essential oil, mandarin essential oil, jasmine absolute, rose absolute, lime essential oil, tangerine essential oil, lemon essential oil, sandalwood essential oil, blue tansy essential oil

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