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Our Blue Outback Tallow is a celebration of Aussie ingredients like:

  • 100% grass fed Australian tallow from happy, Tasmanian cows
  • emu oil--a rich source of K2 and a deeply penetrating moisturizer
  • blue cypress--with powerful skin-soothing properties used by tribes for thousands of years
  • sandalwood--an ancient aphrodeisiac known for its relaxing and therapeutic qualities


We have also included clary sage, geranium, orange, and lavender essential oils (all organic/COSMOS certified), to add more layers to the herby-floral aroma.


We hope you will find Blue Outback a new favorite go-to. It definitely has a super soft texture and skin-feel compared to our Virginia tallow line, and many people are finding they just love the skin-feel of the emu and jojoba, especially for facial care.

Blue Outback Australian Tallow Balm

  • Grass fed/finished tallow (AUS), jojoba oil*, emu oil (AUS), essential oils of  blue cypress (AUS), sandalwood (AUS), clary sage^, lavender*, orange*, and geranium^. *USDA Organic ^COSMOS certified

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