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Sage + Salt is a purifying and detoxifying spa bar.


A spa bar is a unique soap, in that it contains ground Himalayan salt and sea salt crystals.


Your skin will delight in the:


  • Lightly exfoliating texture
  • Briny and sea-watery feel
  • Soap that feels like a cool, smooth stone


The deep, rich herbal aroma comes from clary sage, lavender, ho wood, and geranium essential oils.


Dusky pink color comes from rose clay and an infusion of Himalayan rhubarb root.


Sage + Salt Spa Bar

  • Saponified oils of coconut, olive, local tallow, and sweet almond oil; pink Himalayan salt, sea salt, rose clay, Himalayan rhubarb; essential oils of clary sage, lavender, geranium, and ho wood.

  • Since our products are all handmade, with special artisanal methods, expect every bar of soap to be unique! I try to include example photos of a couple different "versions," but expect slight variations in color, texture, and design.

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