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At Hearth and Homestead, we make it a point to revive traditional and ancestral ingredients and practices, so we are delighted to fashion an Aleppo-style soap in honor of the Syrians who have crafted it for so long.

Our Aleppo soap is both complex and rich:


  • it is cured for 6+ months to ensure quality
  • it has an amazing lather
  • it feels suberbly moisturizing
  • it is a very hard, long-lasting bar
  • it smells sharp and musky like tobacco
  • laurel berry oil provides some anti-itching properties to soothe eczema flares or inflamed skin


Aleppo soap is named for the place of its supposed origin, in Aleppo, Syria, where it has been made since Roman times in underground caverns, where artisans cook the soap in batches of thousands of bars, which are hand-poured, cut, and stamped along massive stone floors. Then the soap is cured for a long time--usually 4-6 months, before being sold all over the world.


Aleppo soap is distinct from other types of soap because of its wonderful ingredients: extra virgin olive oil and cold pressed laurel berry oil, which imparts a rich, tobacco-like aroma as well as many wonderful skin benefits like anti-fungal and anti-itching properties.


After the wars in Syria several years ago, Aleppo was almost completely destroyed, and so this special soap is now hard to find. Production has decreased by at least 50%, and most of it is not able to be sent to the US. We are so glad to be able to revive Aleppo-style soap for our customers! Enjoy.

    Aleppo-Style Laurel Berry Soap

    • Saponified organic extra virgin olive oil, laurel berry oill, raw honey.

    • Since our products are all handmade, with special artisanal methods, expect every bar of soap to be unique! I try to include example photos of a couple different "versions," but expect slight variations in color, texture, and design.

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